"Of course, the world is spinning, always changing, and you know now that the Darkness is not really about you. It’s not a sign that you prayers aren’t strong enough, your Bible reading is a little too lax, your devotion to God is spread too thin. This is about orbit. About angle. About distance from the sun. And listen Love, change takes time . . . Deep down you know all this will be beautiful."
 - Septembering, Addie Zierman

While the weather here in September did not shift to typical fall weather, I do think I have "Septembered" in ways similar to which Addie wrote about. August was a bright turned dark turned bright month. September brought more brightness. But the darkness crept in, most times at the most unexpected moments. Sometimes at very expected moments. But I knew the darkness had nothing to do with me as a person but rather with life and its lessons. And I always held strong to my steadfast belief that it would get better, and better it has gotten. 
And though I still have a ways to go, I know change takes time
I also know that in time, this will all be a key lesson to look back and reflect on. For it has made me a stronger, wiser, healthier person. Deep down, I know -- in sum, in its own ways -- it has all been beautiful.


  1. Even with the clouds/darkness the landscape is still beautiful. Sometimes you just have to appreciate where you are and not worry about what will be, right?

  2. :) You will definitely look back on this and know that everything was good. :)

  3. The idea that "change takes time" is one of the hardest for me to grasp. I'm such an immediate person and so if I workout today I expect to wake up with a thigh gap tomorrow. And I struggle because I tend to give up on things because I don't see the results quick enough. It's so frustrating.