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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yesterday, T's alarm went off just 4 hours after we'd gone to bed. He wanted to take me on the Lanikai Pillboxes hike during sunrise, something I've been wanting to do for a while. When we reached the first pillbox, I was taking photos and asked if he was going to take any. He said he'd capture mental images of the moment instead. 
I thought to myself - you know what, that's not a bad idea - so I stopped what I was doing and watched the sunrise. A couple minutes later I went back to taking photos for memory keeping sake (but I didn't upload any to social media for a few hours - no social media during hike and sunrise time!). And eventually T took some photos, too, because he also likes the idea of having them to look back at in time. 
But as we were getting ready to go, I told him something I've been noticing while taking photos here - that the photos just didn't do the sunrise (or any of life's beauty) justice. Because they don't. It's why I think it's important to stop what we're doing when we're doing it and just look around us. Take mental images. Appreciate the beauty. The peacefulness. Surroundings. Our companions. Those moments will never come again, and though we might be able to capture their essence in photos, they will never be able to replicate the moments 100%. Mental images might eventually become flaky but I can vividly remember some of my favorite moments and I think those memories surpass any photos I've taken.
Though, photos are wonderful to have. I don't deny that.


  1. Oh goodness that is just stunning and I love the idea of just taking mental images. :)

  2. Glad you took at least a few pics to share with us but I totally agree that the mental images are more important!

  3. Mental images. T is quite the genius! Haha.

  4. What a beautiful image! Thanks for sharing!

  5. You make a GREAT point about mental images. Well said.

  6. I love your sunrise shot. The 'mental image' post reminded me of the time that a few Orca whales wandered off the shore where many Kiwis were fishing. Of course, the camera couldn't focus fast enough before they were back underwater, so mental images are all we have. They were a glorious sight tha I will always remember.

  7. This is so, so true!! :D I remember one summer when I kept filming fireworks for Canada Day, but then I realised that by doing that, I was missing out on the *actual* fireworks. I then stopped filming, and just watched and enjoyed them. XD It's easy to worry about forgetting about things and so taking a million photos, but a photo doesn't do the reality justice in compared to actually seeing it right in front of you. (I must say though, the photo you took is stunning!! XD)
    I found your blog on the blog hop, and am now following! :D


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