* Find the Time *

I'm finding the time again to do a lot of these things here in Hawaii and I'm loving life in the process. 
P.S. I might be in the minority of iOS users, but I LOVE iOS 7. It's like I have a brand new phone! I love my wallpaper, too :)

That is all :)
... Actually no it's not  - I'M BACK ON TWITTER - I'd love for you all to follow me!!!!
Finallyyyy, have a great weekend!


  1. I have grown to love iOS 7, too. It IS like having a brand new phone. I wanna get a new case this weekend to seal the deal. :)

  2. duuude! I so agree on the new ios7, whoop whoop! I feel like I have a new phone too. ha. go us! by the way, just found your blog from the link up, so glad I did, I'm following along now! come say hi if you get a chance. I love making new blogging buddies.

  3. I love iOS7 as well!!!! It's so fun.

  4. It must be so amazing there in Hawaii!! :D