Eventful AND Relaxing? It's Possible!

Ever have one of those weekends where it's hard to believe you've done so much because you feel so relaxed? That's what this past weekend was like.
Friday, I cooked my very first meal from scratch - fig balsamic chicken with onions and mushrooms and a side of broccoli. Healthy, delicious AND fresh as most of the ingredients were from the farmers market. Fortunately, Tim loved it! I didn't bring out the dinnerware because I didn't know he'd love it so much he'd take a photo of it :)
Saturday,  we headed to Pyramid Rock Beach on base, I drove here for the first time (it's a big deal for me because I somehow drive in NYC but get nervous driving everywhere else), we watched some college football, and went to Duke's Waikiki for a double dinner date. (The other couple is a military/law school grad couple doing Hawaii/NYC distance, too! I know the girl from home and her boyfriend happens to have just recently gotten stationed here so she's in town visiting him.) The dinner was great - salad bar + delicious entree + Hula Pie = WIN! Oh, and when we got home from dinner, I killed my first cane spider. Thankfully, T was home for that. YUCK!
Dinner was so fun that we took 0 pics, so this Hula Pie photo is from hawaiimagazine.com
Sunday, I woke up before 7am HST to tweak my ::gasp:: Fantasy Football team starters. This is my first time being in a league so in preparation Tim has introduced me to the tv show The League, which I now love, and has taught me the basics. I woke up early to research one of my previously questionable bench players and decided to play him. Good thing because he did better than some of my supposed great players i.e. CJ Spiller and Trent Richardson. If this all sounds foreign to you, don't worry because it kind of still does to me, too. We ran an errand, I drove some more, and we watched football ... on the projector ;)
Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


  1. I'm playing this year, too. I had one guy make -2 points so that kind of F-ed me. =[.