This or That?

 I don't recall where I saw this but I wanted to give it a try:
Neutrals or Colors: Hmm it really depends on the day. I'm a huge fan of both. I do try to incorporate color as much as possible.

Diet or Regular: Hmm doesn't really matter because I don't really consume beverages of which there is a diet or regular. I prefer water, water, and more water. 

Winter or Summer: This is easy: SUMMER. I'm a summer baby (my birthday was the 5th) and I just love the sun and warmth. My favorite thing about Winter is a biggie though - the Christmas season. I'm pretty obsessed with it.
Sedan or SUV: Though I currently - and have only - drive a sedan, I prefer the size and sleekness of SUVs instead.

Dog or Cat: I've never had a pet ...besides fish. But I am much more of a dog person. Cats freak me out a bit and the cats I've been around have been quite ... boring (in that they really just stick to themselves). (No offense to cat owners!!)

Blonde or Brunette (red, gray, white, black): Definitely brunette. I love my dark hair and have even dyed it darker. When I was younger I tried blonde but the roots were too much and I thought it looked a bit cray with my tan.

Up or Down Hair: Depends. My hair is usually up if I'm home or down if I step out - besides when I'm in my work out clothes or rocking a bun.

Coffee or Tea: I've had multiple cups of coffee a day this summer. Good thing there are benefits to that stuff. I do love tea, though - my favorite being jasmine followed by green because of its benefits.

Heels or Flats: Heels for {fancy} nights out. Flats all other times.

Action or Drama Movies: Hmm I'm much more into dramas. But I do love a good action flick every now and then AKA when it's Tim's turn to pick a movie.

Salad or Pizza: SALADS. I could - and practically do - have one everyday. Not only because they're healthier but because they're so yummy if dressed right and with good toppings.

Rich or Poor: Rich, of course. But but but not necessarily with money - though that would be nice. Rich with experiences and adventure. With wonderful people in my life. With good health. With love.

Tropical Vacation or Mountain Trip: Tropical vacation. But this is a big reason why I love Hawaii - you can get the tropics with the hikes. I'm into adventure so I love doing both but usually vacation = relaxation = the beach with a bahama mama or mai tai in hand.
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  1. Good call on Hawaii for mountain and tropical. I need to go there! Haha. Fun post to read :)