Shaun T + measuring tape

During June and July of this summer I did much of nothing. Well, besides studying and working out to Rockin' Body. After graduation I decided I had to get back into working out and eating healthy again. Being out of shape makes me pretty unhappy and -surprise, surprise!- I prefer to be happy. So I wore gym clothes basically every day of those two months as a motivator.

Here are pictures of me from August 2012 and July 2013:

It always amazes me when even the littlest differences can be shown in non-revealing clothing, such as this comfy dress. When I recently put it on, I felt a difference so I looked back at my old photo in it and sure enough, it was a bit more snug then. Needless to say, I've never been a bigger fan of Shaun T's and I've probably never been prouder of my dedication and results. 

Though I've only lost around 6 pounds this summer (known thanks to my weigh-in at Monday's doctor's appointment), I am 5'2" so it makes a bit of a difference and I've been getting stronger so I focus on the number on the scale less. Plus, my waist is about 2" smaller and that makes me happier than any number on the scale... I actually measure myself every couple days rather than weigh myself to hold myself accountable. I do that because I used to find myself obsessing over my weight too much regardless of the results I was seeing. 

These days I have a healthier body image and I sincerely think it's because I've changed my attitude regarding my body acceptance and being in shape. Shaun T's workouts and my measuring tape method have been helpful in getting me to this point. 

Now, I'm off to get my work out on!


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  1. You look great! I need to get my workout on more often. I am definitively bigger this summer than last, but last summer I was running 6 miles a day and this summer, not so much... I have started baby steps this week, though, with some 3 mile runs, so that's good. :)

  2. You look so good girl! When do you get to Hawaii?

  3. Looking good pretty lady! :)


  4. awesome work! I gained a little weight during law school too, but then it felt so good to be active again once I was done with school. great work, girl!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. You look great lady! Keep up the hard work!