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Monday, August 19, 2013

This past weekend I spent time with my family and closest friends.

Growing up, I'd had a pretty big group of high school friends. There were about ten of us girls and a handful of guys. We'd go out in groups and it was fun, fun for everyone. Then, something happened and it changed my group of friends forever: I broke up with my ex. I know, you're probably wondering "why does that matter?!"  Well, he happened to be in the group of friends. So there went my guy friends. And others were dating or close with the guys, so there went a handful of my girlfriends. Some were also upset I didn't discuss my relationship problems with them. To that, I got pissed. I think I did the right thing by keeping mutual friends out of the crossfire of my feelings, actually. But that could all be a whole other post. 

The reason for this post is to acknowledge the good that came of all this mess: my true friends.

My solid smaller group of girlfriends. They say you find out who your true friends are during tough times - my remaining girlfriends have been that to me. These ladies (most of whom I've been lucky to have known since the 6th grade) have listened to my whining, crying, rants, are happy and supportive of my relationship with Timmy. I think we've gotten closer than ever within the last couple of years and I hope we will forever be friends.

It's definitely going to be hard leaving them all, though. Heck, it's hard leaving them to go to Hawaii, mostly because of the uncertainty of when I'm returning and the possibility of my long-term move following my return.

I know, though, that as long as I have these friendships, I'll be more than okay. Because something I've really learned over these last few years is that friendship is much like other things in life: its quality is way more important than the quantity. And the quality of these friendships is unmatchable. 


  1. It really is amazing to learn who your true friends are. I'm so glad you have yours. :)

  2. Moving to Hawaii was the best thing I ever did for myself :)

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  4. Wow, Jackie. i could have written this post word for word. I've actually been thinking about friendship for some time now and everything you say is true. It's quality over quantity, true friends are sifted during troubled times, the ones left standing beside you are the ones who'll be there for the long haul. I have 3 such friends. We've known each other since high school. Friends have come and gone but these 3 still remain - rooted. I know they're not going anywhere because our friendship has been tested and we passed the many tests. So, Hawaii, huh. "Closing the relationship gap?" as you said on my post some time ago:) Best of luck. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can keep up. Let's trade stories. Lol.

  5. shedding some tears in my cubicle...
    we are all very blessed to have each other. <3

  6. Agreed. I definitely can relate to this post. I've lost some friends due to moving (to Hawaii as well) and break-ups. But the true friends really do stick around.

  7. Sooo very happy to see you feeling this way! I know how difficult its been to get to this point - it's definitely a difficult journey for most people to figure out who is truly in their corner. But lucky for you those are people you've known your whole life! :)


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