My "Struggles"

As I was headed back to Philly via Greyhound this weekend, I encountered people from seemingly all different walks of life and it got me to thinking.

Sometimes I feel guilty complaining about things in my life.

There are others in the world who will go to sleep and wake up hungry. There are some battling deadly diseases. 

And what - I'm stressed because of exams. Or long distance, or what have you? 

Now, do I think my privileges and the good in my life should prevent me from being "allowed" to refer to my gripes as struggles or complain about them? No. I think I have the right to. But - and this is a big but- I think perspective is key.

You see, struggle and problems are all relative. They are, after all, experienced through each person's unique perspective. So, sure, sometimes when I'm feeling stressed, I'll cry and feel like it's too much too handle. Or when I'm bratty, I'll complain about not being able to already have the Chanel I want or be driven around by a chauffeur. But more often than not the latter complaints last seconds before I realize that it's unimportant. That stress will always come and go. And that I'm blessed.

I actually acknowledge each and every one of my blessings on an almost, if not exactly, daily basis. I know what's important in life, so when I am going through my emotional struggles, I realize them and cope with them and I try to become better following each one. I don't feel guilty for having emotions but I do feel tinges of guilt when I think my world is ending because I can't afford a penthouse in the city or when I didn't score well on an exam. Which is when my perspective kicks in.

And I dream. I dream of the day - as unrealistic as it may be- where all of our gripes could be materialistic and not of necessity. Unfortunately, that's not the case and probably never will be. Until then, I'll try my very best to cut back on mine and think about and give back to those who need more.

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  1. This post has such a lovely message. It is important to keep everything into perspective. As a sidenote- loving the new layout changes! xx

  2. Very true indeed my friend. That was often something that kept me positive and focused during the bar exam. I'd hop on the inter-webs and look at all the gruesome headlines and just think to myself, "Do you know how many people would rather be doing what you're doing than what THEY are?"

    Life is all about perspective. I like yours. Good post.