As most of you know, I will be in Hawaii for the next couple of months. Excited is an understatement as to how I'm feeling.

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Sunrise at Kailua Beach Park, May 2012

I'm not quite sure how I'll fare with the bugs, though last time I fought my fears and was a bug-killing machine in no time. I had little choice when Tim was at work. Tim will be working when I go this time around, obviously. And I don't know what I'll do with my time. I can't see myself being able to spend hours at home doing nothing day after day. I've thought about volunteering or getting a part-time job while he's working - call me crazy. Problem is, he works nights. Maybe I'll just have a lot of blogging time on my hands. I should probably realize that this is one of the last times I'll have to relax like this before starting a quite hectic and stressful career. So maybe I should just relax. Yes, yes that's probably what I'll do.

Anyway - to the point of this post.

I've decided I won't be a muploading (mobile uploading) machine when I'm with Tim. Life and my time with him is too precious and too fleeting. Soooo, I'm going to try to do what I did in May - keep my phone at bay. Take photos, of course. But either upload a photo as is or simply enjoy the moment rather than spend 10 minutes picking a filter when I could be enjoying 10 minutes of time with him. (Sidenote: As much as I love technology, it's a bit sad that I even feel the need to think about it this much.)

MAYBE that's what I'll do when he's at work - mupload like crazy! The only difference is my instagram uploads will be a whole lot of #latergram's, meaning they won't be posted in the moment. They'll be posted hours or days later.

Photos will be up, though, and I will still be posting.


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  1. Have fun. I miss it. I hope we're back there someday. Go get mochiko chicken at The Food Company in Kailua while you're there. And a sumo pizza at Big Kahunas. And a cocoa puff at Liliha bakery. Ok, ok, I could go on and on, but those are the top 3 things I've been craving. Eat them for me!

  2. How exciting! Have a blast with your guy! Blogging would be the last thing on my mind too! Soak it all up! :)


  3. Good luck and have fun. i can't stand bugs either:)

  4. Have fun, I'm pretty jealous haha. :)

  5. Have fun!! I'm so jealous :)