A sister is a forever friend

I have a cousin whom I refer to as my sister. Trish.
Technically she is my cousin. But she's really my sister. Have I confused you? Well, she is the daughter of my aunt and uncle (whom I refer to as my second parents because they are amazing) but she is an only child and we were raised pretty similarly to how sisters are raised. We matched outfits all. the. time. We buy each other "sisters" cards during special occasions. We got our first tattoos together. We're best friends.  
We've always been two peas in a pod - where one went, the other would go.
Except I went away to college and that was hard. But we knew I'd be coming back for summers and permanently in 4 years after I graduated. In a few weeks, though, I'm going away and I don't really know what the future holds. The possibility of being apart for another few years makes me quite sad. 
I've never pictured post-college life spent away from Trish. 
But now, here we are, scrambling to fit in as much quality time as possible before I'm off again. Sometimes, I feel a tinge of guilt as if I'm abandoning my little sister. But I know I'm not. I'll always come home, no matter what. And I will only be a Skype chat, phone call or text away. Just as our relationship grew closer during my college years, I hope it does so too across the distance that's about to come in between us.  
Actually, I know it will.  
A sister is a forever friend. 
Forever means always remaining close, no matter how physically far apart we are. 
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  1. Awe. Very sweet. I agree. No matter how far apart you are, those you are really close to are always really right there, supporting you and loving you and vice versa from a distance.

  2. So sweet, you are lucky to have someone like that.

  3. By the way, ready to work on your blog! I just finished up everything I was working on and remodeling won't happen for a month or so. :)