Tips for Veterans Entering the Civilian World {Guest Post}

Hi there! As most of you know, I am currently studying my behind off and therefore, need to be away from blogland for a bit. Lucky for me - AND you!- I've got some great girls posting for me every week. First up is Emma from Smile As It Happens.  She offers some great advice about transitioning from a military career to a civilian career. Enjoy!
Succeeding in the Civilian World
If you're like most who are transitioning into the civilian workforce after serving in the military, you've heard plenty of horror stories about the job search and application process. It's hard to not feel anxious and overwhelmed by the impending stress of finding a job in the civilian world, but fear not, many of those horror stories are simply not true. I'm here to tackle some of those myths to help you feel calm and prepared as you enter the civilian workforce.

Myth #1: The most qualified candidates always get the job
Truth: Even though possessing the necessary skills will help you find a job, employers consider much more during the hiring process. Employers will also pay close attention to "soft skills" like attitude and personality when making a decision. Even the most skilled candidate will not get the job if the employer feels they will not be a good fit for the company. On the flip side, many employers are more than happy to take the time to train a candidate whom they feel will get along with current employees and mesh well with the company's culture.

Myth #2: When military personnel transition to civilian life, there are no special services to assist with finding non-military employment
Truth: This is completely false. There are actually many services available to help veterans and their spouses find employment. One popular organization, Hire Heroes USA, is dedicated to working with veterans to improve their self-marketing and networking skills through workshops, access to tools, and job fairs that are held throughout the country.

Myth #3: Applying for jobs is difficult and time-consuming
Truth: I don't think there is anybody out there who really enjoys the job application process, but it doesn't have to take up all of your time. Remember, the majority of employers understand that applicants are busy and aim to make the process as easy as possible by allowing résumés to be submitted electronically. While you may come across a few companies that still request you to mail in your application, some companies, actually use platforms such as JIBE, a mobile recruiting company that allow you to submit an application and supporting documents from a mobile device.

Myth #4: There are no companies that are specifically looking to hire veterans
Truth: Not only are there companies who wish to hire veterans, you can use a site such as to find these jobs in one place. This site allows companies to post jobs specifically for veterans and also includes a section where veterans can easily apply for these jobs. There is no account required to take advantage of this useful site.
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