Separations {Guest Post}

Happy Monday!

As most of you know, I have been away from blogland this month. Lucky for me - AND you!- I've had some great girls posting for me every week. This is my LAST guest post of this series, which means that I will be back to blogging VERY SOON!

This week, my bloggy friend and fellow MilSO, Katie from Mr. & Mrs. Foster is posting. She offers some wonderful insight into the benefits of what is a rather unfortunate circumstance that many of us who are in relationships with service members know all too well - being apart from a loved one.

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Hey, I'm Katie from Mr. & Mrs. Foster and I'm taking over Jackie's blog for the day! I'm going to talk about separation, which unfortunately Jackie is no stranger too!

Separations are funny things and being a military wife I have encountered multiple of them because of deployments and training. It seems like every time I finally get settled into a solid routine with my husband, Carl, he is ripped from my life yet again. It's hard. It is. Nothing you do, nothing anyone says will be able to prepare you for a long separation from your significant other.

It's weird though, life goes on without them. When they first leave you don't think it will. You cry and pout and moan and lay in bed and eat too much. But eventually you get up and you pick up the pieces and continue on.

If I could choose, I would never be apart from Carl (obviously). But in a strange way being apart from him has done good things for our relationship.

I have been tested again and again. I have been emotionally pushed to my limit. But I have succeeded again and again. I surprise myself by how capable I am and I make myself proud. I can fix the broken lawn mower on my own, I can talk to a mechanic about what is wrong with my car, I can maintain the house on my own.

Our relationship has been tested again and again. We both get frustrated, we both get lonely, we both get mad at the circumstances. But neither of us ever gives up. Again and again we have proven that our love for each other really can conquer all.

In Carl's absence I have the opportunity to show him that his woman can do it all! When we are together that time is never-ever-ever (cue Taylor Swift) taken for granted.

Separation is so bittersweet. It sucks. You can sit there and complain about it and feel sorry for yourself or you can find the beauty in it.

I choose to find the beauty in it.

I choose to take advantage of my extra time and reach goals. Whether that be by going to school, getting more involved in the gym, or remodeling the house.

I choose to realize how strong my relationship is.

I choose to be thankful that I have someone to miss, rather than be angry he's not here.

I do have my moments of weakness, where I'm upset and sad, but I don't let it consume me and that in itself is an accomplishment in my opinion!

Have you ever been separated from your loved one? How did you handle it?

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  1. I think it's made my relationship stronger, too. It sucks, but someone has to do it.