Blogiversary Talk {Guest Post}

Hi readers! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends very much :)

As most of you know, I am away from blogland this month. Lucky for me - AND you!- I've got some great girls posting for me every week. This week, my bloggy friend Erin from Living Laughing & Loving Life, is posting. It was recently her 1-yr blogiversary and it was JUST mine so I think it's perfect that she speaks about why she started blogging. You can read about why *I* started here.  

Happy Blogiversaries to us and to any of you who might be celebrating yours!

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Hello City Girl Readers!!!

My Name is Erin and I blog over at Living Laughing & Loving Life

I am so glad Jackie let me Guest Post on her little corner of the internet. Jackie's blog is one of my daily reads, and y'all she is super sweet, and I love reading about her and her boyfriend who live so far apart, but have this amazing relationship!  I think if her and I ever met in person, which who knows - maybe it will happen, we would totally get along so well! And have a great friendship!! 

So guess what I just realized?? Monday, June 17 was my 1-Year Anniversary doing this Blog Thang!! Yay!! I can't believe it's been a year already! That flew by. Happy Anniversary Blog!! 

Celebrate Good Times Come On!! 

Today, I want to share with y'all why I started blogging. And what it was supposed to be and what it has become. Overall, I am so glad that I have this little Blog World of Girls that I call "friends"! It has been one amazing ride!! :) 

I don't think I have really gone into great detail as to why I started blogging. So I figured this would be the perfect Post for today considering it is the Week of the Blog Anniversary. :)

One of the main reasons why I started this was at first just be about only a few things, and it was all beauty-related. See, I was into the whole YouTube thing watching beauty guru after beauty guru, and thought to myself, huh why don't I start a beauty channel on YouTube myself? So I did. Why? Because I saw what these beauty channels did for younger girls who are just getting into the whole make-up bisnass, or just girls/teens/women that wanted to see what you yourself were getting into, as far as what make up products work best for you, what skin care products are you working with, what hair products, and so on and so forth. I wanted to help like these other beauty guru's were. And yes, there were perks..making money, getting sponsored and whatnot, but I was not into the whole money-making thing, if it happened - great, if not - no big deal. Well, I did a few videos here and there, but I soon realized "holy cow this is going to take up more time than I have." And I stopped.

Wow..totally just got off track as to why I started blogging..think of it has a side story...:)

Moving on.

So then I thought, "okay what can I do that won't take too much time but I still want to enjoy it just as much?"..ding ding ding...And that is how the blog started.. I started it at first for the same purpose and that purpose only.. Beauty, make-up, hair, tutorials, subscription boxes, OOTD, and so on and so on. And that is what it became. Until one day I started reading more and more blogs that weren't only about Beauty, those were the only one's I wanted to first...And I then realized you know I don't want to do just Beauty I want to make it all about my life and the happenings in it. Because the first few Blogs I read were Erin and Whitty were freaking awesome and still are. Those girls blog about anything and everything. So that is when I decided to start a Blog about my life in a nutshell. It has probably been one of the best decision's I have made. 

I am not in it for the I have not actually made much money doing this.. or the followers, that is just a plus. But I do it for me. I do it because I like to write about what has gone on during that day. I do it for fun. I love Blogging. I used to write in Diaries all the time, just never thought I could do it on the Internet. And now I have. 

I have "met" some pretty sweet girls, who are down to earth, who are nice, who are funny, who I actually consider friends. Although I have never met any of them, I would like to some day..soon..but who knows.. if it happens great if not that is fine too. 

I see some girls like Erin and Whitney who not only have become friends, but best friends just through their little corner of the internet. They have visited each other in their hometowns... and I think that is so cool. I would love to do that some day. 

All in all I am so glad I started this blog, and decided to write about other things besides Beauty. 

To all my readers - Thank You for sticking around even though sometimes I do not Blog everyday, I am trying very hard though. I hope all of ya'll stick around! 

To Jackie, Thank You for letting me take over your blog for the day! You will have to Guest Post over on my little corner sometime soon!! 

Come say Hi to me over on my corner of the internet. :) 

wow..did you just win an Academy Award?? 

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