What - MilSOs don't say this?!


When I stumbled upon this article, I chuckled - because I could relate and because humor is the best cure for everything... Here are my favorites:

I knew EXACTLY what I was getting into when I [decided to date] him.
Time and time again, I am reminded that I *decided* to date Tim. Therefore, I *knew* he'd be away for months at a time. I *knew* he'd deploy, and that he could be stationed far away. Therefore I *shouldn't* complain or be sad. Because I was *supposed* to know EXACTLY what days without a phone call, 205 days apart, coming second to his job, etc. would feel like? Negative. No one knows what anything they'll go through is really like until they're going through it. Oh, and I don't want sympathy. Just empathy. Please try to understand when I'm sometimes down in the dumps or not the happiest camper about the situation?

I always look so skinny on Skype.
 Oh yea! And I dress up and go on Skype dates all the time, too. I kinda wish I had it in me to do this but honestly, I don't even dress up unless we're going somewhere fancy soooo why should I dress up for Skype? Also, he doesn't dress up for Skype! Haha. I do try to look my best decent, but I can't fake my weight on there. All in all, I think he find me sexy no matter how I look. We've together for over 2 years - it'd probably be a problem if he didn't.

I’d just like to be alone on Valentine’s Day.
We've yet to celebrate a Valentine's Day together. Of course I'd much rather be with him. But I haven't been able to just fly 6,000 miles away in the middle of my law school semester and he during his work week. I'm not a scrooge, though, and I still love the idea of Valentine's Day even though we express our love and appreciation for one another everyday. We try to Skype and even won a contest this year, which made it much more bearable to be apart. 

I understand everything my servicemember says.
AE. CDI. PTS. EAS. RFI. Those are just a few of the acronyms I've learned over the past few years... I 've actually forgotten what that last one stands for.. ha! And I am sure there are more but I can't keep up. I do ask questions when I have them and Timmy is awesome at stopping to explain or show me things, from what something means to how to put his bootstraps on to keep his pants up.

Gosh, I am really sick of seeing him in that uniform.
I love seeing him in every uniform.  He's handsome regardless of it and I'd almost rather he not be in a uniform because I know he's off duty/all mine but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy seeing him in uniform. There's just something about seeing him all dressed up that swells my heart with pride and admiration... and lust ;)


Being a girlfriend of a service member has not been easy but I've found positives in every single challenge thrown our ways and I've been able to grow into a stronger and more independent person, as well. There really is beauty in everything if you stop focusing on the bad parts.

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  1. Haha love this! It's not easy, but it's my favorite job on the planet! And I'm with you- I don't think I'll ever get tired of that uniform!

  2. Awe, that last photo of ya'll is so cute!

    35 things you would never say. That's hilarious! I can't fully relate, but I can put my own twist on each one of those! :)

  3. OMG I HATE when people tell me I "signed up for this." Just because I made the decision to date/marry TJ doesn't mean I don't have feelings! Geez people. lol

    Love this post!

  4. I love that you look at the positives of it too, so many people don't. I've tried to help other spouses see the good in this life as hard as it may seem.