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When I saw this linkup, I thought "sweet, I can ask Timmy to get involved." He graciously has and some of his answers melt my heart. God Bless him for doing the littlest of things to keep me happy... and for putting up with me during bar prep. Pretty sure it is turning me into a crazy person, particularly when I do not score well on a question set. Timmy feels the weight of my stress the most because I am closest to him. 2 1/2 years in and I'm still learning how to try not to do this - I guess we're both still learning how to do things. 

And now without further ado, this fine fella, my better and {sometimes} funnier half, has taken over:

Photo: Life's a long and winding ride, better have the right one by your side ❤ #love #dimples #missingmyteammate
So my gf asked me to make a guest appearance on her blog in a blog linkup. Not completely sure what exactly that is lol but I don't think I need to fully understand it. Now I say asked but how I interpreted it is she disguised "You better do this if you know what's good for ya" in a sweet request asking to be involved in her blog :) After many times in the doghouse, I like to think I'm learning how to decipher what she means versus what she says. Happy wifey, happy lifey, so here goes nothing:

1. Does your wife/girlfriend/fiance use your real name or a nickname on her blog?  
It's a variation of my name but it's her personal nickname for me (Timmy)

2. If you had a blog, what would the title be? 
I wouldn't have a blog but say I did it would be titled "Tim's Blog" (Oozing creativity I know lol).

3. Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog?  
No and nor would I because I am constantly in her posts.

4. How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship? 
It has only changed in a sense that it chronicles the events in our lives. She has always been a strong and caring person that doesn't allow me to forget how much she loves and adores me. So it hasn't changed nearly as much as it has been consistent.

5. What is your favorite post on her blog? 
That is next to impossible to pinpoint. I do not like one post more than another cuz that would be like asking me to name one thing I love the most about her. I cannot limit my love and admiration for her to just one trait or quality and the same goes for her posts. They all are unique and inspirational not only to me but based on the comments I see also to fellow bloggers. I love being such a big topic on her blog but I also enjoy the posts where I'm not even mentioned. This has helped her in so many ways. I may not be the best person to talk to at times and I'm guilty of not opening up as much as I would like so I love that she has other ways of expressing her feelings. She gets tons of support from fellow bloggers and it helps a great deal. Being involved with someone in the Armed Forces is one of the hardest jobs out there but she's doing one helluva job. Thank you for reading this and I hope you guys continue to follow, encourage, and inspire my beautiful girlfriend. Keep Calm and Blog-on! :)
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  1. Timmy sounds like a keeper! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Aw I love that he thanked your readers and asked for continued encouragement for you- very nice!

  3. Number five is soo sweet! What a good match you two make.

  4. Awe, so sweet. :) Nice to hear from the guy who stands by your side. I was home a little ill all day, so I just got around to reading the blogs. Love this post!

  5. what a gentleman! He's so sweet to you and very supportive!!