Summer Lovin'

...had me a BLAST!
Happy Summer (officially) and High Five for Friday! It's my absolute favorite season but unfortunately, I won't be able to really enjoy it until August because I am buried in books til then. So I've decided to discuss one of my favorite summers ever: Summer 2011. 
It was my and Timmy's first summer together and, luckily, he was still stationed in Norfolk, VA. This gave us plenty of time for visits and fun-filled activities. That summer I saw him 2 weekends in a row in June, for ~36 hours in July (oh how I wish he was close enough to even make that still possible), and for half of August. I loved being able to feel like we were in a more "normal" long distance relationship (because Hawaii -> NY is pretty long) since we were able to see each other so much. We were able to celebrate birthdays together, go sailing on the Hudson, and take a weekend trip. That summer, he also met most of my (extended) family and home and college friends so that made us really happy.
Here are 5 of my favorite photos from that summer:

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  1. I love these photos, you guys are adorable together! :)