Some More Love From Home

Because there can never be enough, especially during a deployment.

Today, the baseball/ 4th of July care package I sent Timmy while he was deployed last summer is being featured over at Love From Home! Keep in mind that I'm not too artistic so I didn't get overly creative until his birthday/Halloween care package... :)

I started thinking of care package ideas before he even left. As soon as he left, I wanted to get started on this box. I had it sent out around this time last year. Timmy really missed the U.S. and me and family so I know he loved getting packages - not only because he told me but because of his reactions each time.

My favorite find for this package were these:
 Even though T's not really into sweets, I thought they were too cute to pass up!
Gosh, I missed him so much those months. The feelings were probably some of the most intense I've felt. Some days I didn't know how I'd get through 7 months without a hand hold, a hug, a kiss from my best friend. 

Whenever I think of deployment these songs come to mind. I had them on repeat:

I almost started crying as I wrote this. Absence sure does make the heart grow fonder, though. That is for sure. 
*Cheers to seeing him in a couple months and to having him permanently with me from next summer on*
Well, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Love From Home and check my care package out!
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  1. Those sweethearts are adorable! Wish I'd found those when my hubby was deployed. And when he gets back, you'll look back and wonder how you ever got through a deployment. It's crazy.

  2. Don't cry!! He'll be home soon!! Those sweethearts are so adorable!!


    Stopping by and following from Wildcard Wednesday! Love for you to check me out too! <3

  3. i can't imagine how hard that must be! chin up, you obviously have such a strong bond :)!
    Helene in Between