Quarter-life Crisis: Averted!

I'd recently been feeling the onsets on a quarter-life crisis. Family and friends would call me crazy for feeling as though I haven't accomplished much just as I am about to graduate law school. Is law school a great accomplishment? Of course. Should I be proud? Certainly. And I am. I did not even think I could get into school let alone a great school. BUT I could not shake the feeling that graduating without an employment and life plan would render my accomplishment null and void. Time and time again I'd question if I'm good enough or have what it takes if no job, especially THE job I wanted, seemingly wanted to hire me. Well, here I am to tell you that life has been nothing short of amazing lately.
God is great. 
I think I'm still in shock and trying to be cautious. I've always been a person who tries to keep things in perspective so I try not to be "overhappy" or overjoyed of fear that something will fall out of place. Nevertheless, I am very excited beyond words to share the news that has averted my crisis! 
It looks like I'm EMPLOYED with my DREAM job and just might be MOVING this year ... !

Which also allows me extra time in Hawaii this summer/fall:

 AND enables me to move my baby brother into college  :)
My and Tim's relationship is just 1/3 away from being a civilian, or at least non-active duty, relationship!

& speaking of Tim, he's HERE ... 
talk about excitement overload! We have much to celebrate :)

*** Please excuse my bloggy absence during his visit*** 
& be sure to check out my instagram, which I will be updating much more frequently
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  1. What exciting news! Enjoy it! You deserve. And your positive thoughts made it happen!

  2. Woohoo!! Have fun with your boo!! :-)

  3. I'm curious as to what app that is that you used above.

  4. The Moks! Hooray for being on the beach in Lanikai (or at least near there) with your man!! I'm still waiting to go to Hawaii for the summer because my guy's deployment has been extended over and over.


  5. YAY!!! I am soooo happy for you!

  6. I LOVE Chicago!!! Such a wonderful place :)

  7. AHhh!!! congrats on the job! So. Exciting. I'm starting law school in the fall, so I've been trolling law student bloggers all morning gleaming for information :) Enjoy your summer - it sounds like you have lots of adventures planned. -Yelena