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Today, the football care package I sent Timmy while he was deployed is being featured over at Love From Home! I sent it to him just as college football season was starting back up again. Note: I'm a Penn State alum and NOT a Michigan fan but I was a nice enough girlfriend to make an exception for this package ;) Head on over and check it out!

Speaking of deployment, my & Timmy's upcoming reunion will be the third since he got back last winter.
Our first night together after 205 apart, Dec. 2012

 For me, (aside from the presents and flowers he sent me) the best "therapy" while Tim was deployed consisted of:

Constantly looking at my DOM (donut of misery via the Doing Time application)
33% down yay! By the time I get back from Cali we’ll hopefully be over the 50% mark:)Draco keep your winds away! I need to get to my man verrrry soon 😁😍
The feeling of seeing the red being taken over by green is. the. best! Oh except the blizzard Draco had forced thousands of flights to be canceled so I was. freaking. out. the day I was supposed to fly to him. But alas, my flight was only delayed ... 3-5x. I lost count. Truthfully speaking, though, I'd have taken 10 delays over a cancellation.

Planning and making care packages months in advance of when I'd send them
 Countdowns & #carepackages make me happy … It’s the #littlethings when we’re #inlove ❤ (Taken with Instagram)
I highly recommend making as many of these as you'd like. The above Post Office boxes are FREE for sending to those deployed. They kept me busy and happy. I loved buying stuff for them, and honestly miss making them. I've also made him an Easter care package when he wasn't yet deployed so you don't necessarily have to wait for your SO to deploy.

Making him USO photobook after photobook
Someone finally found his #photobook in his mailbox! Thanks #USO! 👍📬💙💌 #l0veus #milso #navyso (Taken with Instagram)
because we thought he wasn't getting them ... turns out, only packages were delivered to him. For other stuff he had a... mailbox! haha RocketLife was super helpful and best of all: they're FREE!

Sending him mail
Mailing his LAST deployment mail today! 😁 #SEEYASOONish
these were Veterans Day cards from me and my family

Making and responding to many a Viber text and call
Idk what I do to deserve his understanding but I appreciate it immensely and love him so much more for it ❤ 
Quite possibly my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. text of all. As you can probably tell, I was having a tough time around then.

Finding motivation in the amazing original quotes provided by the ladies over at Operation: Stand By Your Man:
"...make a conscience decision NOT to let deployment get you down. Make a decision that you’re not going to let sadness, jealousy, bitterness, anger, etc. be a constant in your life. You control you." 

And honestly, aside from family and friends, tumblr provided me with a very big support system. 

Maybe one day I'll talk about how our reunion didn't go as picture perfect as planned a.k.a. I was awkward and a bit distant but until then I think this SpouseBuzz article hit the nail on the head when it stated, "Reintegration is way more complicated than sharing a romantic kiss and then automatically resuming all that was once normal." Now, I know Timmy and I don't live together so it's a bit different for us, but I could relate to the article very much.

As that text indicated, the deployment experience was very much like a roller coaster and we each had our high and low points. I am grateful to have the partner that I have in Tim because he made each of those highs and lows more bearable just by being him. I smile because we made it through a time period we didn't in the beginning of our relationship think we'd ever have to go apart and we came out 100x stronger as a result.

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  1. What a great post. I agree on so many levels. Sending cards and care packages helped so much and seeing the days left get smaller and smaller on the count down was the best feeling. I struggled so much too and nothing but the sound of his voice or a text from him would help. You definitely go through your ups and downs that is for sure but what he said was perfect…you don't always have to be strong its just the bond that must be strong. So well said.

    Reintegration is also tough and homecoming is never as romantic as you might think it would be. I hated homecoming. It was like an awkward first date with everyone staring at you. lol.

    Really loved this post.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Another try. :) Hahaha! (inside situation) Those care packages are still amazing. And I'm still happy for ya'lls relationship.

  4. New follower! :) My love is a Navy Sailor too. It's hard but it's so worth it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the care package you put together for him. Next time my Hubs goes away I might have to try and do a "themed" one. I usually just throw random things together that he likes.

  5. Okay love that DOM! I'm going to be using that as well :)

  6. SO sweet!! what a strong and beautiful relationship :)

  7. I read your post, but one thing overwhelmed everything...

    YOU'RE A PENN STATE ALUM!?!?!?! ME TOO!!!! Yay!!!

    You are perhaps the BEST girlfriend to make a Michigan care package even though you're a Penn Stater! :-)