Looking back

When I was 21, I had been in a pretty serious relationship for a while, as in ~5 years a while. We were best friends who'd known each other since we were 11. To outsiders, we were THE perfect couple. Everyone was waiting for our engagement and wedding. But, for me at least, something had been missing and would continue to be missing for another couple of years. I could never pinpoint it. Very few people knew how I felt. Yet I trucked on with lifelong plans because he was a good guy. Because I was in love with the idea of marrying my high school sweetheart. And because I wanted a sure future. That white picket fence in the suburbs I'd always wanted. Success. All at a young age. What I was failing to understand was that those things are material, we must want to be with the person behind it all.
I did not have the courage at 21 to do what I did at 22. But I can distinctly remember having thoughts that I couldn't settle anymore - I could not let my heart settle for a less than an over-the-moon love. So I took a chance and what's come from it has been the most amazing love of all. A love that I never knew existed. It's hard to explain, as love always is, but for me it's {paradise}. I am so grateful for God plan's and for having everything fall into place just as it has.

"but when we were ready, and not on our time, but His ... we both got someone  perfect for us.
and ... we both have come to live our very own happily ever after. 
proving that Gods plan is better than the best thing you can think of.
don't settle for good.  better yet, don't settle at all.
trust that what He has in store for you is better." 
 - Sarah Tucker
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  1. I couldn't agree more! Everything falls into place just as it should and it's amazing to see it all happen.

  2. So funny how that happens... I sometimes imagine where id be if I stayed with an ex and let's just say I'm thankful I'm not with them anymore... Hahaha

  3. Oh I 100% agree with this! :) It's amazing where life can take you.

  4. I LOVE this! Everything happens for a reason :)

  5. Thank you for linking-up!

    It's funny how life happens.
    I was in a similar situation,
    and never viewed my life to be where I am now.
    It's honestly crazy.