Where I Find Myself

The premise of my blog is about me trying to find myself i.e. my purpose and when to settle where... Despite not knowing these things just yet (AKA I'm stressed and suffering from a "quarter life crisis" lately) I am still myself and I am not "lost." If ever I do feel it though, as temporary as the feeling may be, I find myself in:

- Faith, family and friends
I've put these 3 together because they comprise my support system. I am not as close to God as I hope to one day be but my faith in him does not waver. He has never let me down. I am a firm believer that He has a plan for me and my life will work out accordingly; "whatever's meant to be will be." I also don't know where I would ever be without the support system that are my amazing family and friends. They are my biggest cheerleaders - and sometimes critics, but that's okay - and they've helped me in ways they'll never even know.
- Love
For whatever it's worth, I am a lover. If I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I focus on the love in my life. Really, if there's any negative feeling, I do this. It helps because it allows me to focus on the big picture in life. I am a firm believer that as long as I have love, I will be more than okay. Although Timmy fits in to the previous category, as well, this is where he fits more. He'll never truly know how the unwavering love we share helps me.
Yes, this is a Christmas picture. I love Christmas all year round :)
- Positivity
- Books
I love to read. Aside from law-school related reading, you can currently find me enthralled in:
 Front Cover
- Traveling
I've lived in and visited many a city. I've made acquaintances and friends across the world. Sometimes I feel the most myself when I am somewhere I'd never been before with people I'd never known. 
Arashi Beach, Aruba
- Learning
I've been in school since I was 4 years old. Before that, my mom home-schooled me for Pre-K. I am about to graduate law school in a few short weeks and I already thinking about how I will continue learning. Of course, life provides the most valuable lessons and I will learn new things at work everyday. Knowing this helps my fear of being without institutionalized learning subside.
So now you all know where to find me if I am missing from my blog :) Where can you be found?
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  1. These are all great things to be focused on. :) Hugs!