What I'm Loving - Insta Edition

Here are some of what I'm loving lately, according to my Instagram:
- The beautiful warm weather and clear blue skies
- Wearing black when I work out "because it's a funeral for my fat!"
- Throwbacks ... I can't believe that nearly two years ago, Tim and I were enjoying the spring/summer in VA Beach. Time sure flies when you're on a fun ride!
- Skirt suits :) They feel so much more feminine than pant suits (but I don't like to wear them in the winter). 

- Indulging. After all, stressed spelled backwards is desserts :) And I hadn't eaten one of these delicious cupcakes since Fat Tuesday. Plus, thanks to NY Deals, it was FREE!

- The solidarity that exists in our country. It's simply amazing.

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  1. That dessert looks to die for! I really want it... hahah (:

  2. "Wearing black when I workout because it is a funeral for my fat" I love that saying. It might just become my new montra.


  3. Love this post. That cupcake looks delicious and I am wearing black right now. :)

  4. Beautiful weather and blue skies are my favorite thing too!

  5. The Intimidator was my favorite ride at Kings Dominion!!!

  6. While dating my husband and I had season passes to King's Dominion! So many memories!
    And I LOVE 'funeral for my fat' I am stealing that!

    Stopping by from the Wednesday Walkabout!

  7. Funeral for my fat....Love it! :)

  8. mmmm, dessert! yum!! Love the last pic too, those are strong words!!