To facebook, or not to facebook?

Every time I go to post a status, I pause. Because I could instead just tweet my thoughts - but Twitter is a whole other beast to me and I'm not in love with it, either... Or I could just not post anything. To any social media outlet. I can either express my thought to a human directly or keep it to myself.
This is the struggle I have with social media nowadays - except Instagram, which has become my newfound obsession. Do people really care that I am suffering from jet lag?! That I have 12-hour days sometimes? That I had to run to the bus one morning? More than likely not. Do they care that I am head over heels in loooove with my boyfriend? That I graduate soon? Maybe some but definitely not the majority. So why do we/I feel the need to constantly keep others in the loop? (I guess the same could be said for blogging but to me, this serves a much different purpose as an outlet of expression.) I don't know but despite not knowing and feeling like facebook has definitely lost its value to me, I still can't get myself to quit it. Does that make me dependent?????? Probably. Here's to hoping that one day I can take the plunge and deactivate it for good. Or just come to accept it as the addicting social network that it is.

Now excuse me while I update my status ... Whoops!

Have any of you quit social media? Why and how'd you do it?!

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  1. I am toying with the idea of getting rid of my Facebook or just taking a very long break from it.

  2. I posted on FB last night in the first time in weeks. I don't get on often and when I do it's to delete a crap ton of people that I don't want to know what they're doing. I don't use twitter all that much other than for blog purposes either. Instagram, I'm obsessed with.

  3. I remember signing up for Facebook when it first began (there were only a few thousand people on it) and it was great! You could connect with friends all over the world, and this was when you had to be in college to have an account. Then they opened it to anyone and became so overwhelming. It would give me such anxiety with what people would post, the things they would say, and the pictures they would post. It ultimately came to a head when I found pictures of by bf for nearly 6 years with another girl. I deleted my account and have never looked back. It was so dang liberating to get rid of cut the stress out of my life and the constant need to check my phone. It's crazy how one thing can completely consume you!

  4. Ahh, I'd love to quit Facebook, but I'd never hear the end of it. I'm a AF spouse, stationed down in Florida with all of our family up in Indiana-- so it's the best way I've got to communicate with everyone and show photos of our little lady. I barely use the page for my shop/blog, though. It's just such a pain nowadays! It's changed SO much since I started using it that now it's a little difficult to keep up with, privacy-wise. Gah!

    And thanks so much for stopping by! Following you now! :)


  5. I loved this post!!!! I am with Kym. I got rid of it and have not looked back since. It really is refreshing not having it. Twitter I use too but I'm not in love and to be honest, it confuses the crap out of me! haha. I am just discovering Instagram and I really love it!!!! I obviously also love blogging, but you are right…it's just so different.

    I'll be interested to see what you end up doing! It's tough at first but after the shock wears off you feel free as a jay bird! lol

  6. Girl get rid of it! Get rid of it! GET RID OF IT!

    hahahaha - you can see where I stand on this argument.