Promises, promises

One day while in Hawaii, my brother said "promises were meant to be broken" and Tim turned to me and said "I don't understand why people say that ... Promises are meant to be kept." Yes, he's a keeper. But he's also right so he got me thinking.

And then I stumbled on this old photo I took of an excerpt from "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. 

It completely relates to the promises Tim and I made to each other in the beginning of our relationship, especially for me. Because I had no idea what being in a long distance military relationship would be like. I hated him being "far" away in Virginia and then was almost shell shocked to learn he'd be heading to Hawaii for 3 years. But I made a promise to be loyal and supportive and I'd fallen in love with him. So I kept my promise because of it.

I think too often people think promises are wishy washy or too old-fashioned. But I think made with the right people, they are as precious as ever.

"Promise? Promise."

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  1. That's a lovely post. Promises are meant to be kept, I agree. I have fallen prey to feeling like I can't keep a pretty big promise lately and this post made me remember that a promise is a promise and it's meant to be kept, no matter the "inconvenience" or "other stuff" of it all. I was just struggling with that thinking last night. Thanks!

  2. Beautifully said. Promises are forever. =]

  3. I love everything about this post, it's so true. Promises should never be made lightly.

  4. This was so great. I couldn't agree more. I too loved this post :)