Fashion, Fitness & a Countdown

Dear bathing suits & lingerie, 
Why are you so fricken expensive?
$125            $97
 There was a time that I  my parents used to buy me Lucky and Becca bathing suits ... but then I grew up and realized $100+ for a bathing suit is absurd. They cover less than men's bathing suits do. Let's face it - they pretty much only cover up our lady parts ... and not even so much.
As for lingerie, sure, I love it. But still it stays on for notverylong. And then bam! It might never be seen again because who wants to see/wear the same piece of lingerie all the time?
$98?! This isn't even cute or sexy! It just looks weird to me.
  Hopefully I haven't made my readers uncomfortable ... these are very real female issues in the fashion land! What are your go-to stores for decently priced bathing suits and/or lingerie? Target is my go-to for bathing suits but as for lingerie, I haven't found a VS replacement just yet.
Dear Shaun T,  
I am ready for more of your fitness & I am so excited!

Hopefully I'll have great results and I will surely update my lovely blog readers :)
Dear countdown,
You look fabulous. 
I feel like a countdown pro with how many we've been through, being of all lengths and still I am able to look at them and be positive. I'm not really tooting my own horn (kinda) but I'm proud of where my relationship has taken me. I am so much happier and more optimistic. It's a wonderful thing.
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  1. I totally agree! Theres next to nothing material here and your paying an arm and a leg! Crazy!

  2. I agree for the lingerie for sure! I can't bear to spend much on it!

  3. I love countdowns!!! Especially when the numbers get smaller and smaller ;) And that black bathing suit, *dying*

  4. I 100% agree, those things are so expensive and it's for a little piece of fabric haha.

  5. Can't wait to hear about the new workout videos! You go girl (:

  6. Yay for countdowns! I am a cheap-o and buy one black bathing suit bottom and tons of different tops to mix and match!

  7. umm I couldn't agree more. Target is always my place for a great swim suit even though I still love to dream and look through VS's catalogue. As for Lingerie…have you ever tried Frederick's? It can be a little trashy but every now and again you can find some amazing pieces for much cheaper than any VS piece. I will not buy that stuff just anywhere…Target is a family store and I like to keep my trips there G rated. lol. Good for you with the work outs!!!

  8. This made me so happy! I can't wait to hear about your Shaun T results!! XO

  9. And...bathing suits hardly last very long because of the sunshine and chlorine messing up the elastic. I hate spending much money on such things, so I just don't!