I've Met My Match

Today, I'm linking up with {long distance loving} Friday's Fancies to discuss my and Tim's (usually) common fashion sense.

I'd say Tim's style is pretty good and we like each other's style of clothing for the most part. Except when I look like a "hippy" or when he wants to pair plaids with stripes or colors that do not match at all. In the past he's gotten annoyed at me because I point out that those items of clothing should not be made into an outfit.

Now, however, he just tells me to pick out his outfit if we're going out to dinner or somewhere fancy, telling me to pick whatever clothing of his that matches my outfit. For the most part, though, if we're just having a laid back day, he picks his outfit like the adult he is :) Ironically, we wind up matching so. many. times. I joke that he tries to match me but I really think it's just coincidence. Either way, I've come to realize that we've grown to be two peas in a closet pod.

Here are some photos of proof (P.S. we only planned to match in the last two):

Does this make us dorks or a fashionista (ha Tim would laugh at being called that) couple? I'd like to think the latter ;)

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  1. Matching is the one thing Kyle hates haha. He usually has me pick my outfit first and then picks whatever doesn't match me.

  2. OMG you guys are so funny!!! Joe ONLY wears Navy blue, black or gray so we usually ALWAYS match. lol.

  3. The second to last picture of you with the "2013" in the background - YOU LOOK SMOKIN GIRL!