Look for the Helpers

When a facebook friend of mine posted a status about Boston, I was confused. Then he said there was a bomb. I turned the TV on and I got sad. I'll never understand why bad things happen. And why, most of the time, they happen to good people. I always wish hatred and war would cease to exist. But there's been hatred, evil, and war in this world since before any of us can remember. 
That being said, I am always in awe of the heroes who step up to help those in need. Seeing the first responders run toward where there had just been explosions made me happier beyond words. They had no idea if another bomb would explode but their priority was to rush to the help of those in need. That's why I still believe in humanity and that there is more good than evil in this world.
Watching it all unfold on TV also reminded me of 9/11 because that is the only other terrorist attack on our soil that I can vividly remember. I was in the 7th grade and at school when the planes hit the towers; my parents were home. My dad, a NYPD veteran and my hero, looked at the TV, turned to my mom, said "that was a terrorist attack," got dressed and went to the location of the towers. He arrived just as a tower was falling, and I didn't see him until much later that night because he stayed to help out at what would be later deemed "Ground Zero." He helped out in days to follow, also.
I don't speak about my dad to detract from my original thoughts on Boston. I speak about him because when I saw first responders helping out following the Boston explosions, I immediately thought of the good in the world and I immediately connected them to my dad, who was once is a helper in a time of need.
My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by yesterday's events. 
May love always prevail over hate and good over evil.
  May God Bless the USA.
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  1. It's tragic that we have to live in a world that stuff like this is even possible.

  2. That's my favorite quote from Mr. Rogers. I always look for the helpers. It's the only way to get through a terrible situation sometimes.

  3. There is a quote going around pinterest that says " Believe there is good in the world" and it has BE THE GOOD in bold. I couldn't help but think of this when I saw the responders running in!

  4. I'm stopping by from the Wednesday Walkabout! It's so funny because I posted something about this particular Mister Rogers quote on my blog too! I also see you're a NYC gal! I moved here from TX (was an AF brat) to go to college and now live and work in the city (it's been almost ten years, ack!). I'm looking forward to being a follower! Rachel @ theprofessionalarmywife.com