Jetlag & Sickness - the Aftermath of Travel

I've been to many places. And yet I still manage to get jet lagged. I thought - without any foundation to back this up - that the more you travel, the less jet lag you get. Wrrooooong. I had some pretty bad jet lag when I got back from Hawaii. The last time I was this jet lagged was when I moved to Barcelona in January 2009. I still feel like I can not fall asleep easily at night and this past weekend I almost convinced myself that I have developed insomnia from the jet lag. 
Well, I hopped on a plane 4 days after returning from Hawaii and I now feel sick. sick. sick. I'm thinking the mix of being tired and stressed, and then filing into a plane to sit in condensed air has not done my body -or allergies- any good.  I also got very sick following my 24-hour trip to Chicago last fall so I'm now thinking it'd be a good idea to take some Airborne before getting on a plane next time.
Have any of you taken this prior to travel?
Here's to hoping my next travels wind up much less tiresome and healthier!
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  1. If you ever find the cure for jetlag, PLEASE share. It is horrible. I think the only thing that helps is getting out into the sun! Found your blog on Tuesday Travel and love it!

  2. Being jetlagged is the worst! Especially after a really long trip, I wish I knew how to get over it.

  3. ughhh jet lag is the worst!! but no never taken anything! probably should!

  4. Hmmm...I've never heard of that, I will have to try to find it before flying again, because there is nothing like ruining a trip by getting sick afterwards!!

  5. i have some free samples of airborne; i should try them on my next long trip!

  6. My mom and sister flew in for a visit and ended up sick, too. It's a shame that always seems to happen.