I Can't Believe:

 - I enjoy doing my and Timmy's laundry. I have enjoyed it since we started dating probably because I enjoy feeling like I'm contributing to the household ... but I think this will quickly change once we're living together and it becomes a more frequent chore.
- I actually enjoyed watching Welcome to Myrtle Manor and Duck Dynasty while visiting Timmy. They're not shows I'd expect to enjoy but watching them with him got me hooked.
Myrtle-manor-01Duck Dynasty
- I am headed back on a jet plane tomorrow, this time to good ole Greensboro, North Carolina. Am I excited to fly again? No. But am I excited for some BBQ and to see my freshman PSU roomie? You betcha bottom dollar!
-My little 3-year-old cousin said to me on Easter Sunday: "I can't wait to have a boyfriend so I can get married." Like whuuuut?! Slow your roll, child lol

- I graduate NEXT MONTH. So many different feels about this ... including anxiety and fear but also excitement.
Funny Reminders Ecard: If you go to law school, you will probably have to become a lawyer.
... And finally, my faaaavorite ...
- I see this handsome fella in (fingers crossed) LESS than 50 days :) Hip hip hooray!

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  1. Awww! You and Timmy are adorable. I love that you love to do his laundry hehe it's the little things that bring y'all closer together!

    Haley @ A Long Distance Love

  2. So happy he got you hooked on Duck Dynasty. Uncle Si needs to be in everyone's life!

  3. You two are adorable! & Duck Dynasty is hilarious!

  4. Hahahaha you crack me up!!!! I still like doing laundry too! It means he's home! lol. I hope Joe never stumbles upon Duck Dynasty. I already have to watch "How Stuff Works", "Yukon Men", "Swamp People", "Gold Rush"…Should I keep going????? lol

  5. Hello! Just found your blog via. tumblr. :) I still like doing my husband's laundry, I just hate the wait for him to come home to do it so I can wash his uniform! A friend of Anthony's tried getting us to watch Duck Dynasty and we absolutely did not like it - but I still have to try to figure out all of the video games he plays! lol!


  6. Love Duck Dynasty!!!

    And you'll hate laundry soon. LOL

  7. Hope time flies by for you!! :)

  8. So excited for you to see your love :)

    and if you enjoy doing laundry so much you can come over and do mine. Actually, it's just the folding part I need help with - I'm good with the whole cleaning thing LOL