Happy ~9008th Birthday to Me!

This past weekend I was away in Greensboro, NC for a school competition. On Saturday, my teammates and I walked around the many vintage shops that were downtown. I came across this birthday card in one of the shops and instantly fell in love with the first part of the cover words:
"When people asked how old she was, she would say 1009365, more or less, 
because she was so glad to be alive that she counted every day a birthday."
So today, I celebrate my 9008th birthday, more or less, because I too am happy to be alive every. single. day. Rain or shine. Happy or sad. Calm or stressed. Life is so wonderful and I thank God everyday for it. Sure, some days might be harder or less pleasant than others but that doesn't take any of life's beauty away - it actually helps to contribute to it and make the good days all the better. 
This card reminded me that every day is a beautiful gift and that we should all live day by day. I myself am guilty of looking forward to the future - after all, I am constantly counting down to when I'll be reunited with Tim again - so this was a great reminder to be grateful for my "everydays."
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  1. I love this! Yay for your 9008th birthday! :)

  2. I LOVE this so much! Thanks for this! :)

  3. This is beautiful, Happy 9008th Birthday to You :)

  4. I'm glad you have a positive outlook on life. I do, too, and it always makes me sad when people are so negative all the time. [I've been behind in reading blogs if you can't tell. =]

  5. I came across your blog from Travel Tuesdays. I love this post so much! I may borrow the idea. :) I also love all the posts I've read so far. Your blog is so cute!