Girlfriends + Good times = Life is Great

I'm especially happy to be writing today because I've lost my voice - hopefully only temporarily haha - and I'm trying to rest my vocal cords as much as possible. So this is the most I'll be able to communicate without having to repeat myself or strain my cords :) 

I had such an amazing time with my sorority sisters/college girlfriends this past weekend. On Friday night, 3 of us went to a bar and then the Mets game with my cousins. On Saturday, 2 more friends joined us in Manhattan. We did quite a bit: bottomless mimosa brunch, Central Park, wine restaurant in Times Square (where we also got a hotel for the night) for dinner, Baked by Melissa for dessert, and then out around the city. There's something so special about having friendships in which you can just pick off where you last left off. I feel blessed to have that with my friends.

Yesterday, Tim and I also had such a great Skype catchup session and I was ecstatic to learn that our countdown has quite possibly dropped down a few days AND if all goes according to plan, his visit will be longer than we first planned!!! :) I couldn't think of a better way to wrap up such a great weekend.
The "D" word was also mentioned and I unexpectedly got very, very sad even though it's something I actually anticipate... after all, he is on sea duty. Mention of it still always manages to make me sad, though. We discussed the positives of it and that it really is only a possibility right now, and then we moved on to a different topic. I am so happy that I am so confident in our relationship - we have grown so much with each other over these last couple of years and I am so excited for all of our life adventures together.

How were your weekends??!

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  1. It's always nice to have quality times with girlfriends. :)

  2. The D word =[. You guys will be fine. You seem to have a great, strong relationship, and that will only make it stronger. <3

  3. Coming over from Sami's! I'm a Navy wife and the "D" word is never-ever fun!. I've been through two and the first one is always the most difficult. As long as you have a strong support structure in family and friends it makes it bearable. <3

  4. looks like a fun weekend - always great to catch up with friends!
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  5. Fun weekend! Bottomless mimosas sound like the best worst idea ever.

  6. Awww it looks like you had so much fun!!! I am so glad you guys are (hopefully) going to get to spend more time together! That's always great news…especially with the D word possibly happening. They are always tough, but even though it's hard to imagine, you guys will be even stronger as a couple for going through it.

    My voice was gone too this whole week. I have never lost mine before but I sounded ridiculous. Joe said I sounded like Julia Child. lol. Hope it comes back soon and hope you are having a good week friend!