Another {Good} Weekend Come & Gone

This weekend was pretty productive :)
I.  On Friday, I went out with my some of my best girlfriends (whom I've known since I was 10/11-years-old) to Yuca Bar for one of their 25th birthdays. We ate lots of tapas, taste tested a Caipirinha, and drank lots of white sangria while laughing and catching up. We then decided we'd like a late-night snack so we got waffles with nutella at the food truck, Wafels and Dinges before hailing our $80 (yikes!) taxi. Girls nights are always good nights.
 II. Since then, I've been holed up inside trying to teach myself the laws, policy and math of Federal Income Tax. Ahhhhh - I say I'm moving at a turtle's pace, but that's better than nothing...
III. Tim and I also decided to do the Caveman Diet, AKA Paleolithic Diet, together. We start TODAY! (We originally were going to start Saturday but decided that wasn't the best idea...)
In other words, we can only eat what cavemen ate. Tim did it when he was deployed to shed a few pounds, and now that my neck injury is pretty much keeping me from doing any high intensity workouts, I figured I'd try it out, as well. 

We hope to last ~20ish days :) Wish us luck!
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  1. Paleo diet. Ouch. I am not so good at that one. I did it for a few months and lost a ton, though, so it works. :)

  2. I know a lot of people who tried it and liked it. Good luck!

  3. Ah good luck! I'll be sure to keep checking back for updates :)