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Thursday, April 25, 2013

  My lovely friend and one of my favorite bloggers, Julie at Becoming a Navy Wife, invited me to join in on the fun and share 5 things about myself then tag 5 more people to "spread the love." I haven't blogged about myself much this week so this is fun for me :)

I've visited Disney almost every year of my 24-year-old life! I am amazed that it never gets old and that each year it just makes me feel younger and happier being there. I LOVE Mickey :)

I didn't really learn to speak Spanish until the 6th grade. My mom did not want to speak it or watch it at home so as not to confuse my English growing up. I caught on pretty fast at school and, fast forward to college, was even asked if I was from Barcelona when studying abroad there :)

 I love, love, love to dance. If we're out, you can most definitely find me on the dance floor!

I think communication is one of the most important things in a relationship, second only to trust, and I can't do without it. That could explain why the best start to my day during my & Timmy's LDR is a morning FaceTime session :)

I am a bit scared of heights. But I don't like to be scared of things, which is why skydiving and other thrill-seeking activities, i.e. shark caging, are favorites of mine.
I nominate the following 5 ladies to join in on this fun:
Becca @ Faith, Love and Babies
Rachel @ Professional Army Wife
Lindsey @ Lounging with Lindsey
Jen @ The Adventures of Our Army Life
Jane @ Pursuit of Poppiness
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  1. I've never been to Disney or skydiving but want to do both SO bad! You've done a lot of exciting things!

  2. Isn't skydiving the best?! I went a few years back and loved it!

  3. Looks so fun!! Just found your blog through the "Not Quite there yet blog hop!" New follower:)

  4. I absolutely LOVE Disney World...and you're right, it never gets old!


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