Wishlist Wednesday

I often want things I don't need or can't get ($1,000,000, a Chanel, a chauffeur, a pair Louboutins, etc.) but when it comes to actually making a wishlist I try to make it practical.

Here is my current wishlist:
  • Polar watch for workouts
Product Image
      • A postgraduate job!!!

      • A Clarisonic Cleanser
      Product Image
          • To know which state's Bar I'm taking ... and where I'll be living after the Bar so I can start planning 

            • To visit the other Hawaiian islands besides Oahu (this is hopefully happening in August!!)
            •  X's and O's from T ... which I am off on a jet plane to get right now!!!!!

              That's right! I'm on my way to Timmy/ Hawaii :) I've scheduled posts and I will respond to emails but please forgive any absences! Feel free to follow my instagram, which I will be updating much more frequently :)

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              1. Uhmmmm enjoy Hawaii, sweet girl!

              2. Have a fabulous time! I love my polar!

              3. Have a GREAT time Jackie!!!! Aloha and safe travels! Can't wait to hear all about it!

              4. I want everything on your list...except for your man! haha! Enjoy Hawaii and getting your love back!