This Weekend I:

***If you are a fan of Army Wives but didn't get a chance to catch the season premiere, you might not want to scroll down because I speak (very briefly) about the episode & will give away something.

  • Went to a casino near my house for the first time. I don't gamble (I only played my free $20) so I hung out at the bar/lounge with my cousin and uncle for most of the night. My mom and aunt joined us for some time, too.

  • Tried yoga for the first time since high school ... and still didn't like it. So I tried Daily Burn's MOVE workout, which is similar to Zumba, and LOVED it. That will be my workout for now :) 

I'm still not a Yoga fan.
  • Ordered a new bathing suit!
For Hawaiiiiii
  • Cried like a baby from start to finish of the Army Wives season premiere ... Claudia Joy's death was sad :(
 My favorite wife is no longer on the show :,\
  • & I am ecstatic that our countdown is down to SINGLE DIGITS :D


  1. I had to stop watching Army Wives halfway through...too many similarities with my moms passing. It was so sad!

  2. I've been wanting to watch the series, but found it tough with the hubby deployed. Maybe once he's home I will force him to watch them with me!

  3. I used to watch Army wives but I haven't in a while. I normally wait until shows have entire seasons and then go through all the seasons in like 2 days. But geeeeeeeeezeeee, they're killing off like all the main characters wtf. The red head whose name I can't remember and now CLAUDIA JOY! WTF

  4. I stumbled upon your blog and I am so so so glad I did! I am also a fellow Gamma Phi alum! I love finding sisters who are also bloggers! xx

    Amanda @

  5. I'm with you Jackie…yoga is not for me. Zumba on the other hand…I look like a fool, but Lord is it fun!!!