I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

 Loves love
Enjoys traveling
Likes making others feel better
Loves a good laugh
Is a bit ditzy ... people often joke that they don't get how I'm smart but lack some (not all!) common sense

Is loving that the countdown is down to 14 days!!!

Thinks about what others think or how they feel about something she's doing/ have done

Whose favorite color is PINK

Loves to go dancing! I luckily have a partner who enjoys doing the same with me :)

Falls asleep to true crime t.v. shows  ... and then (sometimes) has nightmares about them

Is loving that she graduates law school in 2 months!!!

Cries ... alot

(but) Is almost always smiling

Almost always has her iPhone in tow ... trying to kick that habit and leave it behind sometimes, especially on dates (T & I have done this before and it works wonders)

Feels blessed everyday... I am grateful to have God on my side.

Despite being a strong believer, struggles with the science vs. religion debate

Is loving that the weekend is 2 days away

Has very fond Penn State memories, especially those of time spent with sorority sisters <3

Wants to make a difference in the world

Wants to be able to provide her kids with everything she's been fortunate enough to have been given and more

Sets high goals and standards ... "dream big, do big"

Believes in retail therapy, so long as it doesn't result in debt lol

Eats chocolate almost everyday ... woops!

Just wants to be healthy and happy :)

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  1. Congratulations on being so close to graduation!

  2. Yay for being so close to graduation! :)

  3. Love this! & love that you're always smiling! No worries, I cry a lot too. Happy, sad and aggravated tears.

  4. Your trip is so close!!! I bet you're jazzed. I wanted you to know I nominated you for a Leibster award... you can check it out here http://thesweetpeapod.blogspot.com/2013/03/leibster-love.html

  5. Yay for being so close to your law degree! That's flippin' amazing. You should definitely be loving that ;)

  6. I have the same thing going on with the ditzy thing. Some days I just amaze myself at things that I don't get.