him & her

him: detroit
her: brooklyn

him: bucketlist completion, hopefully with her
her: tanning and/or reading by the pool/beach, preferably next to him

him: pt (physical training)
her: insanity before but currently dance workouts

him: anything bbq
her: anything chocolate

him: baby blue
her: pink

him: city/country boy
her: city girl

him: nike cortez
her: flip flops

him: sons of anarchy
her: army wives

him: detroit lions
her: penn state nittany lions

him: love her
her: love him

Harley & Jane

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  1. Missing the old characters in Army Wives, but the new ones are going to be fun too!

  2. So fun! He and I have the same favorite tv show. :)

  3. This is so cute!!! You guys look so good together! Such a gorgeous picture of you!!!

  4. What a great photo! So pretty, I had to comment!