Every Accomplishment Counts

This weekend threw me some letdowns ... and each one temporarily pulled my mood and motivation a little lower. BUT I refused to let them affect me long-term. 
Instead, I decided to realize what I have accomplished thus far to help build my confidence back up and push myself more. It always helps me to be optimistic and to look at the bright side of things.  
For example, most recently I stuck with the Insanity workout for a few months. Before then, the last time I'd routinely worked out was freshman year of college after realizing I'd packed on the "Freshman 15 20." I am now on my way to being healthyier.
Aug 2012                                                         March 2013
I have also never done a strict cleanse or diet. Never. ever. Until last week. Now, here I am on day 6 of  Eat Your Heart Out and I. feel. great! My body seems to like not being fed junk and toxins.  But I must admit that I do miss rice and beans, pizza, cupcakes & CHOCOLATE! The first day was hard because I wasn't used to eating this way and I was tired and having a hard time staying awake at work. Since then, it's gotten better. The weirdest day was the fourth day because of what I could only eat -  bananas and skim milk! I wound up essentially having 5 banana milkshakes & a banana ice cream (1/2 banana, cup of milk, splash of vanilla extract) all day ... Good thing I like bananas!
These are surely accomplishments in my book. Now, whenever something doesn't turn out my way, I am going to try to focus on what I have already accomplished and remember that
every accomplishment counts :) 
P.S. There's a giveaway for a Clarisonic!! I've been wanting one so here's to hoping I'll be the lucky winner :)
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  1. I'm doing Insanity, too! I've seen results already and it's only week 3!!

  2. You look great!!! :) Good job.

  3. Good lord girl you were thin before and now you're still thin! You look amazing in BOTH pictures!!! Good for you!

  4. Looking good chicka! I totally agree day 4 of the cleanse was by far the weirdest and definitely hard. Keep up the hard work, you're so inspiring!