5 Things Friday

5 Things...

..you'll find in my purse
1. Lipbalm - either Nivea, Softlips or Chapstick (my least favorite)
2. Lip gloss - probably a light pink
3. Hand lotion - I hate having dry-feeling hands
4. Motrin or Aleve
5. Bottle of water

...you'll find in my bedroom
1. Photos of me with family, friends and Timmy
2. Bible
3. Bottle(s) of water
4. tv and cable box
5. Bear in my bed :)

...I've always wanted to do 
1. Go on a romantic getaway to Tahiti
2. Go to space!! haha
3.Visit the Egyptian Pyramids
4. Speak Spanish more fluently
5. Volunteer at a school in Africa

...I'm currently loving
1. Being with Timmy :)
2. The Hawaiian sunshine and beaches
3. That my family is here to experience Hawaii with Tim and me
4. Not having to wake up for class
5. Being so close to graduation

...quirks I have
1. Smelling new foods before tasting them
2. Sometimes chewing with my mouth open :\
3. Double-checking whether I lock a door or flush a toilet
4. Not being able to go to sleep without putting on lip balm or lotion on my hand
5. Crying when stressed out

What are your 5 things ... ?

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  1. I always have lotion and lip balm, a must for me in such a dry climate. :)

  2. I also still have a bear in my bed…at what age does this become inappropriate. I swear I only use him as a pillow. lol.

  3. I always love these random posts that let you get to know the blogger more. Chapstick is a must ALWAYS and I also double check to make sure the doors are locked and the toilet is flushed. How I forget to remember if I've flushed the toilet or not is beyond me but I can never ever remember.