5 on Friday: Spring Blooms

Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Friday!!!!!!!! This week has been a longgggg one. 4:45AM wake ups are not easy nor fun.

My plans for the weekend do not include trying the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino (too much sugar and hype for me, though I did contemplate it). It seems like I might very well be one of the few in blogland who will not. I am, still, interested in trying the pink drink, though. ...I digress... 

My weekend plans do include sleeping in until my alarm clock (baby) wakes me up. My husband and I can surely use the extra sleep.

Speaking of my husband (it seems like I'm speaking of him on here a lot lately, huh? lucky fella), he often jokes that I post so many photos of florals in the spring, and well, he's right. If you take a look at my Instagram, it's no surprise I'm a big fan of flowers, particularly the recent ones that have been blooming around New York City. In fact, I like flowers so much that my previous blog name was Just Bloom. There's just something about flowers blooming that makes me happy... It could be

their beauty,

the signaling of warm weather upon us,

or a little bit of both (probably).

It's been forever since I've done a linkup so, I figured what better way than a 5 on Friday to share some of my favorite flowers this season:

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LDR? Go For It.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Sure, there's the loneliness, the longing, the enormous phone bills. But have you really lived if you've never searched for your beloved's face at an airport gate?" - Meghan Daum 

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoor
Homecoming photos by Endlessly Photography; Homecoming post here

If given the choice, I would never be apart from my husband and in a long distance relationship (LDR) again. Been there, done that. See, my husband and I were already were in one--and kicked butt while doing so, if I might add. ;)

Over the years, I've had people, some of whom were also in long distance relationships and some who were just interested, ask me how I did it. There is no simple answer, especially because every relationship is different (you know your relationship best). What I can wholeheartedly tell you is it will take a lot of quality communication, effort, trust, and love.


Before I jump into my advice about whether to pursue a long distance relationship, I want to let you know I am [cautiously] optimistic by nature. I try my best to view the glass half full and to find the good in every situation. And I am a hopeless romantic. I chose to enter into a long distance relationship when I met my husband and I chose to continue when he moved thousands of miles away. I chose to do so because I loved him too much to simply give up due to some distance.

If the prospect of an LDR is the current reality you're facing, and you have strong feelings for your partner, I'm here to tell you to go for it. Follow your heart. Stop doubting. Take a leap of faith.

It's okay.


It's okay -- and very possible -- to fall in love with someone who lives far, far away. Let yourself. Yes, there will be tears and lonely nights. But I promise it will be one of, if not THE most romantic, passionate love stories you can ever be a part of.

Now, unfortunately, I'm no relationship guru or fortune teller. The reality is your relationship might not work out. (If that happens, I'm truly sorry.)

But my goodness, it might. It just might.


And then one day, you'll wake up everyday next to your partner just like you'd dreamed of. You'll live together. Get married, if you so choose. Maybe start a family. All in the same place, in the same city, in the same state, in the same country as one another.

And you'll look back on those LDR days and you'll feel like together, your partnership can conquer anything. You'll feel stronger because of those days and have a solid foundation because of them, too. Because if you can live without your love most days of your dating days and succeed, together, you can overcome a lot.

After all, you're together. Together, after all. 


This post was inspired by my most recent post and my very own love story, which just happens to be my favorite.

Good Mornings

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Our mornings have recently been starting very early (5:30AM). I think it would be easier if we slept straight through the night but alas, that is not the case yet. So, despite my being a morning person, I have recently been having a tough time getting out of bed, especially today. It always seems to be a little harder to do so the day after a holiday.

Regardless, I think starting the day off right is key:

I'm not sure how I gave up coffee for my whole pregnancy. I guess I was sleeping a lot more then so I can't imagine what I'll feel like next pregnancy. Coffee is key to getting my energy up. Most days, I have at least one cup.

A positive attitude.
I could whine and complain about how tired I am. OR I could be happy we leave early enough to catch the sunrise (albeit from our car). The latter sets the stage for a much better day. After all, waking up means being alive and that's a blessing.

Well-rested sleep.
Just because I don't get eight straight hours of sleep doesn't mean the sleep I do get is bad. I try to get at least six hours of good rest. I still aim for eight but it's difficult. Nonetheless, good sleep is important.

A good breakfast.
I don't only been healthy or nutritious, haha. I also mean pretty breakfast that makes you excited that it's morning time. Pictured below is cream of wheat with sprinkles, a childhood favorite of mine that continues to be a favorite. It looks magical to me.

Be excited about the day(s) prior, or to come.
It's always nice to acknowledge the good in life. The good times, good people and good food. This past Easter weekend was full of so much love and joy. I told my husband waking up on Easter Sunday almost felt like waking up on Christmas (my favorite holiday) morning. We even made it to mass early! Being excited about life has a way of making early mornings less sluggish. 

What's something you to to get your morning going?

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