5 Tips for Road Trips with a Baby

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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We have been on quite a few road trips thus far, with another planned for this weekend. Our first one with our son was just three hours (each way) when he was one month new (such a little guy!). He wailed two and a half hours in so we pulled over to calm him, and had to do the same afterwards. Still, it was not a long ride -- we figured it was a good test trip for our 10 hour drive the next month. We have done that drive four times now and thankfully, they have gone very well.

It is my hope that these tips will make your road trips with your baby/babies go smoothly, too:

The Greatest Father for my Child(ren) + JORD Giveaway

Monday, May 22, 2017

This post is sponsored by JORD Watches but all opinions are my own.

 JORD Watches

When my husband and I got married, I deemed it the best day ever. Then, we became parents. That trumped all days and easily was the best day of our lives. Seeing my husband transform and grow into a parent has opened my eyes to a different side of him. He is more emotional, loving and sensitive. He is everything I could have wanted in a father for my children. 

The way he loves and cares for our son is more than I could have ever asked for. He is so hands-on. He changed the first diapers, took the lead on the first baths, and even stayed home with our little guy for the first nine months of his life. He's also been a great partner-- he was caring, patient and understanding while I recovered from child birth. I've never felt more connected to him. 

Watching him as a father has been such a joy.  I've fallen more in love with him.

With Father's Day coming up, I knew my husband deserved something special, like a unique watch. When I saw JORD watches, I immediately thought one would make the perfect gift for him. Not only does he enjoy wearing watches but he had wanted a skeletal watch for quite some time. The uniqueness of a JORD watch -- its frame is made of 100% natural wood -- is an added bonus. JORD has both men's and women's watches. 

When my husband's Dover Olive and Acacia men's watch arrived, he raved about it. He has already worn it a few times and he recently told me it is now his favorite watch. I am so glad he loves his Father's Day present.

Enter here for a chance to win $100 towards a JORD watch for yourself or someone special in your life!

 JORD Watches

 JORD Watches

 JORD Watches

7 Tips for Vacationing with a Baby

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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Before speaking about what it is like to vacation with a baby and sharing my tips, you should read my tips for flying with your baby so your vacation is off to as stress-free a start as possible. I decided to separate the posts because each presents its unique challenges.

Here are seven tips I hope you find helpful the next time you go away with your little one:

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